This little device allows you to gently bend the branches of your plants so they can receive more light than if they grew naturally. As the plant grows, BendZ are clipped to the stems which change their growing direction. By clipping on more, you can sculpt the shape of your plant to provide maximum light penetration and increase flower development. After a week or so they can be removed and the bend will remain, they can then be used elsewhere on the plant.


 Bendz 50 Pack

Bud Clean Scissors

Bud Clean trimming scissors have been desinged for maximum comfort and ease of use. Produced using high grade stainless steel with soft rubber grips.



 Scissors Bud Clean

CD Scales 500g

Version 2 of the American Weigh CD Scale - Compact Digital Scale is the actual size of a regular CD case. With all the sophistication, sleek design and excellent functionality of the original American Weigh CD Scale, only now brilliantly disguised as just another CD in the collection.

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 CD Scale  500g

Female IEC Plug

Female IEC Plug for replacing faulty shade fitting for ballast, or for making extensions to your existing cable.


 Female IEC Plug 


The HeatShield cleverly redirects light and heat from the central hot spot created beneath all horizontally mounted lamps towards grow room extremities. This enables your horizontal reflector to be placed much closer to plants to increase light levels and penetration, whilst maintaining similar (often greater) areas of production under each lamp.


 HeatShield  Small 250w-600w
 HeatShield Large 1000w

Jubilee Clips

Jubilee Clip with quick release clamp. Secures ducting, fans and pipe work.



 100mm Jubilee Clip
 125mm Jubilee Clip
 150mm Jubilee Clip
 200mm Jubilee Clip
 250mm Jubilee Clip
 315mm Jubilee Clip

Male IEC Plug

Male IEC Plug for replacing faulty shade fitting for ballast, or for making extensions to your existing cable.


 Male IEC Plug 

On Balance Truweigh Scales 250

Digital pocket scales weighs up to 250g in 0.1g increments.

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 On Balance Truweigh Scales 250


3ml Plastic Pipette ideal for transfering and measuring out small amounts of hydroponic nutrient solution.



Plant Netting

Use the Crop Support Netting by stretching it across your crop for your plants to grow through. Very usefull especially when growing on shallow hydroponic NFT tables and similar systems where heavy yields will often make a plant topple over.

Sold by the meter

150cm width


 Plant Netting  1 Meter

Plant YoYo

A superb invention for supporting heavy flowering and fruit bearing plants. Simply fit yo yo to top of growroom, pull out hook, place onto branch to support plants as they grow, when branches become heavy with flowers, yo yo will keep plant and branch upright.


 Plant YoYo 

Pressure Sprayer 2Ltr

General purpose 2 Litre spray bottle. Built in pressure sprayer with ergonomically designed carry handle. Features fully adjustable nozzle. Dont forget to foliar feed your plants as its a great way to give them a nutrient boost, try using Dutch Pro Leaf Green to give the plants a healthy and vital look. Tried and tested by Dutch hydroponic growers. 


 Pressure Sprayer 2ltr

Rockwell Cube Cap

Algae growth is a  persistant problem that attracts fungus and pests. By reflecting light away from the surface of the cube, Cube Cap prevents algae growth and reduces the need for harmful pesticides and fungicides. To Fit 3 Inch or 4 Inch Rockwool cubes.

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 Rockwool Cube Cap  3 Inch
 Rockwool Cube Cap  4 Inch


A scalpel is the best way for taking clones of mother-plants. Being extremely sharp it cuts through the plant with great precision without damaging veins that are crucial for transferring energy within the plant.




Syringe ideal for measuring out nutrient solution.


 Syringe 10ml
 Syringe 50ml

Canna Spanner

Canna Spanner for opening of Canna products 5ltrs and over.


 Spanner Key

Eazi Roll Eazi Rollers

Eazi Roller Reflector Hangers Pack of 2. Very easy use horticultural reflector hangers.

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 Eazi Roller Light Hanger

Hailea 100w Water Heater

The submersible Hailea are fully thermostatically controlled and are idel for the heating of nutrients in tanks.

100w glass heater = 100L tank capacity.

200w glass heater = 200L tank capacity.


 100w Water Heater Hailea
 200w Water Heater Hailea

My Weigh My Weigh 7001dx

These scales read in Grams, Ounces, Pounds, & Kilograms. This makes them perfect for Home, Office, Kitchen and thousands of other uses. Included electronic features and accessories make this the optimum choice. The 7001DX series is easy to clean and easy to use. Double-stopper protection, strong steel reinforced ABS plastic, and modular construction make these scales extremely durable.


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 7001dx My Weigh Scales

NFT Root Spreader Mat

Every NFT system needs Spreader Mat to ensure an even spread of water and nutrients across plant roots. Pre-packed in handy lengths for your convenience.


 Root Spreader Mat  25ft
 Root Spreader Mat  50ft
 Root Spreader Mat  100ft




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