Ballasts and Bulbs

Century Century Ballast

Century Ballast CE Certified, wall mountable, vented for cool operation, timed ignitor,venture lighting control gear, plug and play IEC socket with 2 year guarantee available in 3 options.


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 250watt Century
 400watt Century
 600watt Century

Lumatek Dimmable Digital Ballast

The Lumatek Dimmable Ballast is ideal if you want to achieve excellent plant results, especially in summer. This is because it features a dimmer switch which allows you to reduce the ballast from a 600W to 400W power pack if heat becomes a problem.

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 Dimmable Digital Ballast 400w
 Dimmable Digital Ballast 600w

Lumatek Lumatek Digital Ballast

The Lumatek electronic ballast produces up to 30% more lumens than a standard core and coil magnetic ballast whilst drawing less electricity. Lumatek Ballasts come with a lumen boost button that increases lumens by up to 27%. Lumatek electronic ballasts feature a full 3 year exchange warranty.



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 250watt  Digital Lumatek
 400watt Digital Lumatek
 600watt Digital Lumatek

Maxibright Compact Fluorescent Lamp

A great new edition to this increasingly popular range, we’re sure the EnviroLight Self-Ballasted Lamps (CFL) will become just as popular. They come in two different colours red for flowering and blue for vegative growth. They also come in two different sizes 125w or 250w.



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 125w Blue Spectrum CFL
 125w Red Spectrum CFL
 250w Blue Spectrum CFL
 250w Red Spectrum CFL

Osram High Pressure Sodium Lamp

Osram sodium lamps are used for the flower-phase of plant growth when the plants need loads of red spectrum light which these bulbs put out.

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 HPS 250w Osram
 HPS 400w Osram
 HPS 600w Osram

Philips Green Power 1000w


  • Type: Master GreenPower TD EL 400
  • Power: 1000 Watt
  • Growlight (µMol): >2000
  • Voltage: 400
  • Double Ended Only Fits the Gavita Pro 1000

     Philips Green Power 1000w

    Philips Green Power Son-T

    Brand: Philips
    Type: Son-T Pia GreenPower 230 Volt
    Power: 400 Watt and 600w
    Lumens: 58.500
    Voltage: 230


     GreenPower  400w
     GreenPower 600w

    Philips Metal Halide Lamp

    Philips MASTER HPI-T Plus Metal Halide lamp.
    For maximum efficiency and performance replace lamps after six months.



     250w Metal Halide Lamp Philips
     400w Metal Halide Lamp  Philips
     600w Metal Halide Lamp  Philips

    Sylvania High Pressure Sodium Lamp 600w

    A very popular all round lamp that offers improved spectrum but also retains its high lumen output. The improved spectrum and extra levels of blue and red light make it excellent for vegetative or flowering growth.

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     High Pressure Sodium 600w Grolux




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