Ballasts and Bulbs

Maxibright Compact Fluorescent Lamp

A great new edition to this increasingly popular range, we’re sure the EnviroLight Self-Ballasted Lamps (CFL) will become just as popular. They come in two different colours red for flowering and blue for vegative growth. They also come in two different sizes 125w or 250w.



The EnviroGrow Lamps (CFL) offer you a host of benefits to give you convenience and great results:

They provide your plants with lots of usable light for best growth and yield.

They give off very little heat, meaning you can place them close to your plants for maximum output. As the lamps are self-ballasted, you simply screw the EnviroGrow into your reflector, giving you great convenience and flexibility - as well as cost savings.

CFLs are Ideal for: Propagation, side lighting and vegative growth.


 125w Blue Spectrum CFL
 125w Red Spectrum CFL
 250w Blue Spectrum CFL
 250w Red Spectrum CFL




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