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Atami Wilma Big 9 System

The Atami Wilma growing system has been a run-away success since its launch in Holland. Now available in the UK, this extremely versatile hydroponic system can be used in many different combinations with any growing medium.


Wilma 4,8 and 16 systems are supplied with 11Ltr pots, Wilma 10 and 20 systems are supplied with 6.5Ltr pots.
Wilma Big 4 and Wilma 9 systems are supplied with 18Ltr pots.
The Wilma 9 or a Wilma 16/20 fits in a 1.2mx1.2m tent under a single 600w light

ATAMI Wilma systems are active hydroponic growing systems offering the precision of hydroponic feeding combined with the flexibility of growing in pots.

• Supplied with both flood & arrow drippers
• High quality ATAMI pots & space saving design - A true hobby growing kit
• INDIVIDUAL POTS CAN BE REMOVED without affecting other pots
• EASY to set up & automatic feeding saves hours of work

Wilma Big 9 Dimensions:



Tank Volume:

140 Litres


 Wilma Big System 9 Pots




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