Dripper Systems

IWS 6 Pot Dripper System

The dripper system is a very flexible and reliable systems tried and tested for many years by our customers. We have made it easier to set up and use by retailing the systems in kit form. The kits consist of the below listed items boxed and ready use.

Larger available sizes are 12 pot, 24 pot, 36 pot and 48 pot.



  • 100 ltr tank complete with high pressure pump and filter
  • Run to waste brain control unit
  • 6 x outer pots
  • 6 x culture pots
  • 6 x stands
  • 6 x glands
  • 6 x elbows
  • 10mtr pipe

 IWS Dripper System 12 Pot
 IWS Dripper System 24 Pot
 IWS Dripper System 36 Pot
 IWS Dripper System 48 Pot
 IWS Dripper System 6 Pot




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