Drying Equipment

Drying Rack Stackable

These stackable drying racks measuring 70x70x15cm square allow you to safely dry herbs and flowers in small spaces. The unique mesh construction ensures lots of air circulation to help prevent fungal infections. Simply plug as many racks together as you need.

These racks fit inside the BudBox drying tent. 


 Drying Rack 

Hanging Drying Rack

These eight tier drying racks hang from the ceiling and are really useful for drying herbs and flowers on. They take up the minimum amount of space too.


 Dry Hanging Net  

Bud Box Drying Tent

The ‘BudBox' provides a sturdy lightproof, fully ventilated drying space for your prized crop.

Tent size 75x75x100cm

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 Drying Tent BudBox




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