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Amazon Aeroponic System

New from Nutriculture comes the Amazon an entirely new hydroponic growing system! After two years in development, this is aeroponics the affordable way. The Amazon is based on the same principles as Nutriculture’s successful aeroponic propagators, but has been designed to support plants to full maturity.


The main benefits of aeroponic growing are in the speed of growth that can be achieved, and the clean root environment. The Amazon growing system works by suspending the plants at the top of the root chamber and constantly spraying the roots of the plants with nutrient solution. The roots grow downwards through the air space into the chamber where they are constantly supplied with moisture but can take up as much oxygen as required from the large airspace in the chamber.

The Amazon consists of a 50 litre reservoir tank, a root chamber that houses the delivery system and a moulded plastic lid that holds mesh pots. Different lid options are available for 8 plants in 80mm mesh pots, and either 8, 16 or 32 plants in 50mm mesh pots.

The Maxi Jet 1000 pump supplies a powerful spray that creates a miniature rainstorm inside the chamber. The Amazon offers a 4 point, 360° distribution system that showers the whole root area leaving no blind spots.

Until now aeroponics has been unfeasibly expensive for most home growers. However, with the launch of the Amazon, aeroponic production systems have become affordable to all. These hydroponic systems have been rigorously tested in the Nutriculture development centre and proven to produce outstanding results that can now be easily achieved by anyone

Serious results for serious growers.

800mm x 750mm x 460mm
31.5” x 29.5” x 18”

Tank Volume:
50 Litres


 Amazon 16 Pot System 50mm Hole
 Amazon 32 Pot System 50mm Hole
 Amazon 4 Pot System  50mm Hole
 Amazon 4 Pot System 80mm Hole
 Amazon 8 Pot System 50mm Hole
 Amazon 8 Pot System  80mm Hole




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