Fresh Air Fresh Air Kit

If you are looking for an affordable complete odour control kit then this is for you.

The kit consists of:

RVK Extractor Fan

Fresh Carbon Filter

Aluminium Ducting 5 Meters

2 x Quick Release Clamps

RVK Fan Brackets

These fans can be run 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days a year without any problems. In fact this is what they have been designed for.

Fresh Filters using high quality virgin carbon specifically manufactured for air treatment. The fabric sleeves on this type of filter should be changed every three months to protect the life of the carbon. Supplied with filter sleeve and strapped.

Our aluminium ducting features the following: 2 plies of tough aluminium foil/polyester laminate, laminated with falme retardant adhesive, fully encapsulated steel wire helix and boxed, ready to supply.


 100mm Fresh Air Kit  175m3/hr
 125mm Fresh Air Kit  350m3/hr
 150mm Fresh Air Kit  480m3/hr
 200mm Frsh Air Kit  760m3/hr
 250mm Fresh Air Kit  1020m3/hr
 315mm Fresh Air Kit  1300m3/hr




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