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Canna Coco Coir 50ltr

Coconut Coir is rapidly becoming the media of choice for both soil-less gardeners and soil based gardeners who are concerned about the depletion of rare peat bogs in the world.


Coco Coir is a waste material from coconut production and is 100% renewable.

Canna Coco Coir is the market leader in Hydroponic Coir media, this is due to the high quality and pretreatment necessary for coir to be used in soil-less gardening.

Canna Coco Coir has been pretreated or washed to eliminate the high levels of salt often found in the raw material. Other Coconut Coir's on the market are often unsuitable for soil-less gardening due to these high salt contents.


 Canna  Coco Coir




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