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Bud Box Grow Tent 1.2 x 2.4 x 2 Meters

Whether you're a professional gardener or setting up for the first time, the BudBox provides the perfect growing environment allowing you to maximise your crops yield effectively and with ease.

Tent dimensions 1.2 meters wide by 2.4 meters long by 2 meters high.

Renowned quality, giving years of happy indoor gardening
- Expanding range of professional accessories
- The most lightproof grow room of its kind
- Beautifully presented in its own hold-all bag
- Quick and easy to assemble and re-pack
- Tri layer, wipe clean reflective inner surface
- White powder coated poles and strong white connectors
- Adjustable intake and exhaust vents from 100mm to 200mm
- Velcro cable tidies, tabs and large lightproof electrical ports
- Support bars capable of 30Kg+ for hanging your grow light and filter
- Military grade zips and branded rubber puller
- Full access from front and both side doors of the BudBox
- Removable one piece waterproof catchment tray
- Suitable for any style of indoor growing system
- Available in 5 convenient sizes
- Complete with easy to follow setup instructions:


Purpose built, highest quality grow room available, designed to save time and money

Thanks to the BudBox's revolutionary flame retardant and lightproof reflective inner coating you can relax in comfort leaving your plants to do the hard work for you.     

Part time gardeners can pack everything into the hold all bag and store it away for next time.

To help maintain a clean and tidy environment Velcro cable tidies have been added as a result of valuable feedback from our customers.

The heavy duty zips, combined with exterior light baffles provide a secure, lightproof and lockable grow room that can be discreetly used.

The BudBox Couldnt be simpler to set up. Erect the push fit frame making sure the poles are firmly pushed into the white connectors, slide the cover over the top and bottom, it will be tight because it needs to be, if its too tight push the poles in further. zip up the cover and your ready to start growing!




 Grow Tent 1.2 x 2.4 x 2 Meters Bud Box




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