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Autopot Autopot System

The AutoPot 1 Pot Kit is a single unit comprising of a 15ltr pot and tray with an AQUAvalve fitted inside. 1Pot Kits can be linked together to suit any grow area.
Kit includes: 1Pot tray and lid, 15ltr pot, AQUAvalve, root control disc, matrix disc, 1.5 meters of 6mm pipe, full instructions.

The AutoPot Pot System is the ultimate in low maintenance growing systems. Each system is fitted with a specially designed AQUAvalve that controls the flow of water/nutrient to your plants by simple gravity pressure from a tank or waterbutt (sold separatley). No pumps, no electricity, no mains water pressure and no timers are required. The AutoPot is a totally plant driven system that releases the right amount of water to keep your plants healthy. As there is no recirculating nutrient as with hydroponics systems, the AutoPot system requires no daily nutrient management meaning it can be left alone for long periods of time. All you need to do is remember to keep the tank topped up.



 Autopot System 15ltr Pot




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