NFT Hydro Systems

Hydrogarden Dual Flow System

The Dual Flow has the unique ability to be used either as an EBB and Flow hydroponic system or as a Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) hydroponic system, simply by rearranging the components supplied within the kit.


The Dual flow is manufacture from impact resistant 4mm thick ABS and are supplied pre-drilled and ready for use.

In the Ebb and Flow mode, the system requires less maintenance and can be easily be left for several days without worry or adjustment.

Once you have mastered this more forgiving method of hydroponics why not switch the Dual Flow to NFT mode and experience faster growth rates and have the ability to expand your system with an additional 4 trays.

A total of 1.7 square meters (15 square Feet) of growing area is achieved when using the Dual Flow with its maximum extension of 5 trays.

The Dual Flow Complete kit is supplied with a 4mm thick Correx cover that is used to protect your plants roots from unwanted light and possible contamination.

The Dual Flow Trays, Tanks, Correx Covers, Eazi-Stands & Drain Fittings are available separately.

The Complete Kit includes: Dual Flow Tray, 40 litre Reservoir Tank, Correx Cover, Submersible Pump, Spreader Matt and all Drain Fittings/ Piping.


1180mm length x 480mm width x 305mm height – (single complete unit).


 Dual Flow System NFT or EBB N FLOOD




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