Irrigation, Tanks and Waterbutts

100ltr Slim Waterbutt and Stand

Maximum nutrient storage, minimum floor space, ideal for multiple system set ups.Manufactured from high density plastic each waterbutt comes complete with lid and 16mm tap.

Other sizes available 220ltr and 350ltr please note the 350ltr waterbutt is supplied without a stand.


 Waterbutt  220ltr
 Waterbutt 350ltr
 Waterbutt  100ltr

47ltr Water Tank

47 Ltr Reservoir with lid and 6mm top hat grommet.


 47ltr Water Tank 

Elbow Piece

Elbow Piece


 Elbow Piece  0.5 Inch

High Pressure Dripper

High Pressure Dripper with Dripper Line.



 High Pressure Dripper 2Ltr/hr

Plastic Bung Stopper

Plastic Bung Stopper


 Plastic Bung Stopper 0.5 Inch

Rubber Grommet

Rubber Grommet for inter linking hydro systems for use in conjunction with our T pieces, elbows and bungs.


more info  

 Rubber Grommet  0.5 Inch

T Piece

T Piece for linking hydro systems together.


 T Piece  0.5 Inch




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