Complete Grow Kits

Basic 15 Plant Grow Kit

Everything you need to grow 15 plants on a budget.

The Kit Includes 1.2x2.4x2mtr BudBox Grow Tent.

2 x Dutch Barn Reflector, Ballast and Bulb Available in 250w, 400w and 600w.

15 x 11Ltr Pots 

3 x 50Ltr Bio Bizz All Mix Soil

6 Inch RVK Extractor Fan

6 Inch Fresh Air Carbon Filter

5 Meters Ducting

4 Inch RVK Inlet Fan

1 x Primair Temperature Controller

2 Way Sunbeam Contactor

24hr Timer

2 x Pairs Eazi Roll Light Hangers

Ionic Grow Nutrient

Ionic Bloom Nutrient




 Basic 15 Plant Grow Kit  250w
 Basic 15 Plant Grow Kit  400w
 Basic 15 Plant Grow Kit  600w




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