Ebb and Flood Systems

Flo Gro 500 System

The Flo Gro is a top flooding low-level ebb & flood hydroponic system. It can be used with all growing media and has easier access to nutrient solution than rival systems and a much more compact design.

The Flo Gro kit contains:Tank, planter, pump, delivery system, drip ring and drain filter fitting.

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 Flo Gro 500 System FG500

IWS Flood and Drain System

The IWS Flood & Drain System is the finest horticulutral system of it's type on the market to date. We specialise in active technology utilising the very best products giving your plants the greatest chance of success. Other systems sizes available including 12 pot, 24 pot, 36 pot, 48 pot and the new Pro Systems.

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 IWS Flood and Drain System 12 Pot
 IWS Flood and Drain System 24 Pot
 IWS Flood and Drain System 36 Pot
 IWS Flood and Drain System 48 Pot
 IWS Flood and Drain System 6 Pot

IWS Pro Flood and Drain System


The IWS Pro system is a premium quality version of the already successful IWS flood and drain system. The idea behind the Pro system is to fill and drain as quickly as possible, it takes less than half the time of a normal system.


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 IWS Pro Flood and Drain System 36 Pot
 IWS Pro Flood and Drain System 48 Pot

Hydrogarden Dual Flow System

The Dual Flow has the unique ability to be used either as an EBB and Flow hydroponic system or as a Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) hydroponic system, simply by rearranging the components supplied within the kit.


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 Dual Flow System NFT or EBB N FLOOD




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