Ebb and Flood Systems

Flo Gro 500 System

The Flo Gro is a top flooding low-level ebb & flood hydroponic system. It can be used with all growing media and has easier access to nutrient solution than rival systems and a much more compact design.

The Flo Gro kit contains:Tank, planter, pump, delivery system, drip ring and drain filter fitting.

Why use a Flo Gro?

- Excellent delivery and even distribution of nutrient solution.
- Adjustable delivery tube.
- Easy access to pump and nutrient.
- Low-level system to maximize headroom.
- Deluxe fittings for quicker drainage.

550mm x 440mm x 280mm
21.75” x 17.25” x 11”

Tank Volume:
17 Litres


 Flo Gro 500 System FG500




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