Ebb and Flood Systems

IWS Flood and Drain System

The IWS Flood & Drain System is the finest horticulutral system of it's type on the market to date. We specialise in active technology utilising the very best products giving your plants the greatest chance of success. Other systems sizes available including 12 pot, 24 pot, 36 pot, 48 pot and the new Pro Systems.

The IWS Flood & Drain System delivers water based nutrients to your plants via a pump. As the water is forced through your growing medium of choice it replaces all the stale oxygen in your pots with fresh oxygen giving your roots a boost every time they feed.

  • 100 litre tank with pumps
  • Brain pot with timer
  • 6 pots (stands optional) (specify aqua, culture or standard inner pots)
  • 6 elbows
  • 6 sealing glands
  • 10 metres of pipe

 IWS Flood and Drain System 12 Pot
 IWS Flood and Drain System 24 Pot
 IWS Flood and Drain System 36 Pot
 IWS Flood and Drain System 48 Pot
 IWS Flood and Drain System 6 Pot




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