PH/Nutrient Management

Hydrogarden Electronic PH Meter

The Essentials pH meter is specially designed for testing the pH level of nutrient solutions. Just dip the sensor into test solution, stir and wait, then read a stable reading in about 20 seconds.


The Essentials pH meters are truly the most rugged glass type testers around. They are drop-shock resistant, temperature compensating and easy to calibrate. The units are also water resistant, allowing easy washing. Even if the meter is accidentally dropped into the water, it will remain afloat so as to enable immediate retrieval without damaging the electronics.

The meters cost less per sample than competing high quality testers. Meters have about 1–3 year lifespan depending on rate of sampling. (Units are good for a minimum of 365 accurate pH tests).

The meters have an energy saving feature that shuts off the tester when it is not in use. To ensure accurate reading at all times, the unit displays a low battery symbol to alert the user to change batteries before it degrades the accuracy of important readings.


 Electronic PH Meter Hydrogarden




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