PH/Nutrient Management

EC Meter Kinetic

If you use hydroponics to grow your own fruit and vegetables then you’ll know how important it is to get the mix of the nutrients that you feed them just right.

Our Nutrient Meter is so quick and easy to use and will give you accurate results time after time. All readings are displayed on the meter – no need to consult books or manuals. Just dip into your solution and read.

The proper combination of nutrients = top quality fruit and veg!


EC (electrical conductivity)
CF (conductivity factor)
PPM (parts per million)
Great Benefits

The only EC stick on the market powered by kinetic energy.

No batteries means a 100% moisture proof design which stops liquid getting into the circuitry and allows for a greater overall lifespan. A couple of shakes and you’re away!

No Calibration Required

No Batteries Required

Auto Temp Calibratior

Fully Waterproof

Provided with EC Scale

Place the head of the probe into the solution for 1-2 minutes so that the temperature of the probe and the liquid are the same. Remove probe.

Place the probe back into the solution. The LED lights will indicate the nutrient levels

Rinse probe and replace cap. That’s it!


 EC Nutrient Meter Kinetic




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