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Hailea Nutrient Chiller

Nutrient Chiller HC-100A is designed to keep the nutrient in your tank at an optimal temperature, ensuring healthy growth and yield for your plants.

It is always important to keep an eye on the temperatures of your nutrient solution.If yourhydroponic nutrient solution gets too hot, it can breed algae growth and prevent the solution from holding in dissolved oxygen.This will lead to lower crop yields, or worse,destruction of your crop through root disease such as Pythium.Now with Hailea,keeping your hydroponic nutrient solution cool in a hot growroom has never been so easy! You will be amazed at how well your garden will do with correct nutrient solution temperatures.

Microcomputer control system for convenience for user

Anti-corrosive pure titanium evaporator for fresh and saltwater

Compressor protection device system is built to shut off the circuit automatically to prevent the motor from burning out when overloaded

Low noise while maintaining selected temp

Uses environmental friendly refrigerant R134a

Technical Specifications

Power - 1/20 HP

Working current - 0.6A

Flow Rate - 200-1000 L/h

Capacity - 100-600 L

Weight - 9.2kg

Size 338x218x325mm


 Nutrient Chiller HC-100a




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