Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood

Like many hydroponic growers, you’ve probably noticed it takes quite a long while for your hydroponics season to finish so you can finally harvest your crops.
You might even catch yourself gazing at your plants, wishing that you could will them to grow faster and mature earlier.
And you’ve wondered how you can reduce production costs while also reducing the amount of time it takes to get from start to finish for each crop cycle.



· Triggers earlier harvests

· Uniquely more economical, more powerful than other bloom boosters

· Increases harvest size

Now there’s good news for hydroponics gardeners who are watching the clock. Tens of thousands of hydroponics farmers worldwide rely on Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood because it speeds up crop cycles, lowers production costs, and increases harvest size and quality.

Start Flowering Sooner
Using Bud Blood gives you the ability to push a biological button that catapults your plants into bloom cycle exactly when you want it to happen.

So instead of changing your lights to 12 hour cycles and waiting, waiting, waiting for plants to flower in a few weeks, you change your lights to 12 hour cycles, feed Bud Blood to your plants, and watch them start flowering in just a few days.
Think about it: instead of wasting time and money waiting for plants to flower, you can create flowering on command when you use Bud Blood.

And let me explain exactly how this benefits you. For one thing, you can shave days or weeks off your crop cycles. This means you can have more harvests per year. It also means you spend less on electricity, equipment and supplies per crop cycle.

Get Earlier, Bigger Harvests
It gets even better. Bud Blood speeds up your flowering and maturing, and it also creates larger, more numerous, heavier flowers.

It’s interesting to see how Bud Blood makes your flowers bigger. Our scientists have loaded Bud Blood with the best flower-boosting types of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and sulphur.

These superior ingredients feed plant processes that manufacture floral growth regulators. These growth regulators make your plants start flowering- and they also make your plants direct all their energy to floral production.

Indeed, studies in dozens of hydroponics gardens show that when you use Bud Blood to start the flowering cycle and during the first two weeks of flowering, you get earlier flowering, more budding sites, earlier harvests and larger harvests.



 Bud Blood  300g
 Bud Blood 500g




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