Organic Nutrients

Alaska Fish Fertiliser

Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), Alaska Fish Fertilizer (5-1-1) is an excellent all-purpose application made from 100% seagoing fish emulsion. Alaska Fish Fertilizer is rich in natural nutrients and the mild formulation guards against fertilizer burn. Great for use on any type of plant both indoors and out.


 Alaska Fish Fertiliser 4ltr

Alaska Morbloom Fish Fertiliser

Derived from Atlantic fish, phosphoric acid and potash, Alaska MorBloom (0-10-10) stimulates exceptional budding and blooming in plants. Brightens colors in flowers and foliage and promotes vigorous root growth, too! Mix 1-3 tbsp. / gallon of water to encourage budding in flowers, vegetables and ornamental houseplants.


 Alaska Morbloom Fish Fertiliser 4ltr

Bio Bizz Alg-A-Mic

Alg-A-Mic Is a vitality booster made from cold pressed concentrated seaweed; hence its extremely high content of trace elements, hormones, amino acids and vitamins of vegetable origin.

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 Alg-A-Mic 1ltr

Bio Bizz Bio Bloom

BioBizz Bio-Bloom is an all natural organic bloom nutrient that is used from the start of flowering until harvest. Bio-Bloom is full of natural minerals, micronutrients, amino acids, and hormones to promote strong flowers and fruit sets.


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 Bio Bloom 500ml
 Bio Bloom 1ltr
 Bio Bloom 5ltr
 Bio Bloom  10ltr

Bio Bizz Bio Grow

Bio-Grow is a liquid plant food that promotes lush growth and is suitable for most all soil mixtures. It is a fertilizer and soil activator that can be used with drip irrigation systems. Bio-Grow can be used late in flowering as a plant tonic.


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 Bio Grow 500ml
 Bio Grow  1ltr
 Bio Grow  5ltr
 Bio Grow  10ltr

Bio Bizz Bio Heaven Boost

BioBizz BioHeaven is an organic based Plant Energy booster which is suitable for all growing techniques and mediums. BioHeaven includes carefully selected biological elements, like amino-acids. BioBizz recognize how amino-acids serve as the base building blocks for proteins and enzymes, which are essential to structure and health in all plants.


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 Bio Heaven Boost 250ml
 Bio Heaven Boost 500ml
 Bio Heaven Boost 1ltr

Bio Bizz Fish Mix

Fish Mix is a strong smelling product mainly used outdoors to improve the microbial activity of soil. This in turn accelerates the growth of plants giving them a very dark green foliage. It can also be used indoors when heavily diluted as a foliar spray to boost growth in cuttings and vegetative stage plants. An OMRI and EKO/SKAL listed organic product.


 Fish Mix 1ltr

Bio Bizz Leaf Coat

Leaf Coat is a ready to use product that can be applied in the vegetative and flowering stage - on soil, coco and rockwoll grown plants right up until two weeks before the end of the flowering period.

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 Leaf Coat  500ml

Bio Bizz Root Juice

A great one for soil growers, especially those using the world famous range of Bio-Bizz products. Applying Bio-Bizz Root Juice to your rooted cuttings stimulates the biological activity around their root zones leading to explosive root growth.

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 Root Juice  250ml
 Root Juice  1ltr

Bio Bizz Top Max Stimulator

A 100% organic product designed to increase flower and fruit production in soil grown plants. TopMax is also noted for increasing the sugar content of produce, not only giving you increased yields but a smoother, sweeter taste as well.

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 Top Max Stimulator 500ml
 Top Max Stimulator 1ltr

Bio Canna Bio Boost

Bio BOOST was developed by CannaResearch from plant extracts from tropical rainforests and is a true boost for plants. The bioactive substances result in an extra metabolism that is exactly what the plant needs during the blooming period.

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 Bio Boost 1ltr

Bio Canna Bio Flores

BioFlores was developed for the blooming phase of fast growing plants. BioFlores contains a hops extract. Due to the fact that BioFlores contains a hops extract it provides many of the necessary minerals and in the correct proportions.  

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 Bio Flores 1ltr

Bio Canna Bio Vega

BioVega has been developed especially for the plants' growth phase. BioVega is rich in highly absorbable betaine nitrogen that is released according to the plant's needs. The bioactive substances in BioVega stimulate the root development and the formation of strong growth shoots. This allows even the fastest growing plants to optimally start their blooming period.   


 Bio Vega  1ltr

Growth Technology Green Fuse Bloom

This organic bloom stimulator is formulated to trigger explosive production in flowering plants. Heavier, denser flowers can be achieved by use of the Stimulator with enhanced sweetnees and fragrance. Yields and quality will be greatly increased by the addition of Bloom Stimulator to ordinary nutrients.


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 Green Fuse Bloom  300ml

Growth Technology Green Fuse Grow

A true growth enhancer, accelerating metabolic processes in the plant, increasing production of sugars, starches and protein, and encouraging better yields. It is also an organic nutritional supplement, providing the extra micro-nuttients needed for optimal growth and highest quality harvest.

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 Green Fuse Grow  300ml

Growth Technology Green Myst Humic

GreenMyst Humic contains pure and highly active compounds formed from the natural decomposition of plant materials over thousands of years. The peaty swamps of Florida are the source of the finest and purest humates as used in GreenMyst Humic.

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 Green Myst Humic 300ml

Guanokalong Natural Bat Dung

Guano Kalong is a 100% natural bat dung for unprecedented results. Centuries ago Inca's discovered the powerful natural source "Bat Guano", the perfect flowering fertiliser for growing plants and crops. The organic super fertiliser "Guanokalong" is promoting taste, quality and yield.


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 Guanokalong Bat Dung  1kg

Guanokalong Taste Improver

An exciting new organic additive that allows you to harness the benefits offered by natural bat guano in an easy to use liquid form. Guanokalong Extract is a great source of organically derived nutrients containing 2% Nitrogen, 2% Potassium and 0.5% Phosphorous as well as a whole host of essential trace elements. Use once a week in addition to your normal bloom feed during the later stages of flowering for enhanced flowers, fruits, tastes and smells.



 Guanokalong Taste Improver 1ltr




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