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Bio Bizz Bio Heaven Boost

BioBizz BioHeaven is an organic based Plant Energy booster which is suitable for all growing techniques and mediums. BioHeaven includes carefully selected biological elements, like amino-acids. BioBizz recognize how amino-acids serve as the base building blocks for proteins and enzymes, which are essential to structure and health in all plants.


BioBizz BioHeaven boosts the plants ability to uptake nutrients and trace elements. BioHeaven also improves how the plant moves (translocates) these elements within itself so it can better resist deficiencies, toxicities and plant stress. Plants are stimulated by BioBizz BioHeaven to enhance the availability of nutrients and important trace elements, which enter plant cells. BioHeaven essentially increases the quantity of minerals in the growing medium, normally, mineral uptake is around 5-10%, BioBizz BioHeaven can raise it up to 95%.

BioHeaven Benefits:

100% organic certified
Improves the uptake of key nutrients.
Accelerated absorption of NPK and micro nutrients OR trace elements.
Increases the overall quality and yield.
Increases moisture retention of plants and reduces moisture stress.
Promotes enzymatic processes of plants to boost general plant respiration.
is a good source of carbon for soil micro-organisms.

BioHeaven Application and Dosing:
BioBizz BioHeaven is designed to work with all nutrient and additive programs. Bioheaven is compatible with all growing techniques and can even be used in Hydroponic kits and systems. Start using BioHeaven in the second week of grow and stop using BioHeaven two weeks before the end.

Add BioBizz BioHeaven to your nutrient solution at a rate of 1-5 ml per liter. 1 Litre of BioHeaven would treat between 200 and 1000 litres of nutrient solution depending on the strength used.


 Bio Heaven Boost 250ml
 Bio Heaven Boost 500ml
 Bio Heaven Boost 1ltr




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