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Guanokalong Natural Bat Dung

Guano Kalong is a 100% natural bat dung for unprecedented results. Centuries ago Inca's discovered the powerful natural source "Bat Guano", the perfect flowering fertiliser for growing plants and crops. The organic super fertiliser "Guanokalong" is promoting taste, quality and yield.


Adds a lot of P and also N, K, S, Ca/Mg, micro-elements and enzymes.
Acceleration of root structuring (ideal for cuttings).
Exuberant topping.
You will love the taste of your natural grown products.
Increased resistance of the plant against deseases and fungi.
Indoor and outdoor use, efficient, practical and odourless.
Mix Guanokalong with your used soil again and again. Also use fertilizers like fishmeal for Nitrogen (N), sugarcanepowder for Potassium (K) and seaweedcalcium to stabalize the ph-level of your soil.


 Guanokalong Bat Dung  1kg




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