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Growth Technology Green Fuse Grow

A true growth enhancer, accelerating metabolic processes in the plant, increasing production of sugars, starches and protein, and encouraging better yields. It is also an organic nutritional supplement, providing the extra micro-nuttients needed for optimal growth and highest quality harvest.

Greenfuse Grow is used in addition to regular nutrition.

Green Fuse Stimulators are manufactured in a laboratory in Holland. They are carefully blended from highly concentrated natural plant extracts. They have been subject to intensive testing with commercial crops and have proved themselves to have extraordinary effects on plant growth.

GreenFuse Stimulators are organic and have no negative residual effect on plants, people or the environment. They can be used safely and with confidence in the garden, the greenhouse or the indoor grow room.

GreenFuse Stimulators are highly concentrated - A little goes a very long way so they are extremely economical in use.

Especially formulated to unleash the latent green energy in the plant, delivering dynamic growth and enhanced yields.

GreenFuse GROW Stimulator - Formulated from pure natural ingredients and designed to maximise the potential of the plant to produce strong stems and healthy leaves. It can be used at all stages of vegetative growth.


 Green Fuse Grow  300ml




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