Pest Control

Crop Guard

Crop Guard Plant Revitaliser and Mite control.

Eliminate mites immediately

Kills Mite eggs and Larvae

Mites cannot become resistant

Breaks the breeding cycle

Revitalise and rejuvenate your plants

Reverse the effects of stress

Fortify your plants to resist pest and diseases


 Crop Guard Kills Spider Mites 250ml

Hot Box Burner Pest Control

Hot Box Burner Pest Control

Eliminates Airborne bacteria and pests such as spider mite.


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 HotBox  Sulphur
 HotBox  Burner

Regen a root

At Canadian Xpress, the scientists have isolated the battery of chemicals that the plant manufactures to defend itself. We have encapsulated these chemicals in a liquid formulation and when this is used in your nutrient solution they have the same effect as the plant’s own defenses and the result is healthy plants. This approach is known as Induced Resistance.

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 Regen a root  ltr

Hydrogarden Gnat Off

Eradicates Fungus Gnat (black fly). High Potency Larvicide for Blackfly control. Fungus Gnats or Black Fly lay their larvae in the root zone of a plant, these larvae then burrow into the root zone to feed carrying with them infection. Fungus Gnat Off works by killing the Larvae in the root zone thus eradicating the problem. 100% Natural organic concentrate, fully compliant to agricultural legislation.


 Gnat Off 250ml

Hydrogarden Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is a blend of inert nutritional salts and natural bacteria derived enzymes.


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 Guardian Angel  1ltr

Hydrogarden Neem Repel

Neem Repel represents the first Neem based repellant that passes all current agricultural legislation and is safe to use on consumable crops. By creating a barrier around your plant, it is an effective preventative measure against most grow room pests and diseases including spider mites.

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 Neem Repel 250ml

Hydrogarden Nite Nite Spidermite

Nite Nite SpiderMite is a new foliar pest control spray that is aimed specifically at red spider mite. It works by conditioning the leaves of your plants to make them a very inhospitable environment for red spider mites to live in thus preventing a growth in the population whilst also treating the pest outbreak.

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 Nite Nite Spidermite 250ml

Hydrogarden Oxy Plus

Boosts Oxygen content in hydroponics.

Use Oxy-Plus and get higher yields! Oxy-Plus increases the amount of available oxygen in the root zone leading to increased nutrient uptake for more vigorous plants with thicker stems, bushier leaves and shorter internodes.

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 Oxy Plus  1ltr
 Oxy Plus  5ltr

Hydrogarden Pest Off

Pest Off is a non-toxic insect killer derived from a natural organic plant extract. Effective against many common grow room pests including spider mites, Pest Off works as a contact spray quickly suffocating any insects living on your plants. Since it is a contact spray, you must ensure that each plant gets completely soaked during application and are advised to repeat this process over the course of a few days to guarantee no pests escape or return.

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 Pest Off  250ml

Ona Bleech

ONA Bleech is a potent hydroponics cleaning and decalcification system. It is made in an easy two-step process. Mix equal parts of ONA Bleech and ONA Bleech Activator, wait 15 minutes and then add to water.

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 Ona Bleech  1ltr
 Ona Bleech 4ltr




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