Pest Control

Hot Box Burner Pest Control

Hot Box Burner Pest Control

Eliminates Airborne bacteria and pests such as spider mite.


Hang the Hotbox sulfume at least 1mtr below the ceiling to ensure the tunnel effect.


Half fill the cup with Sulphur to the marker inside


If an infestation is already present, we recommend you use


the cup. Overfilling will cause the unit not to work correctly

as the self regulating element will not be able to melt a

larger amount of sulphur.

Either rock Sulphur, powder or flowers of Sulphur can be used.

Rock Sulphur tends to evaporate more easily.

Ensure the unit is hanging straight and the cup sits firmly on

the heating element.

The Hotbox Sulfume vaporises less than 1 gram per hour,

half a cup will hold approx. 150 grams of Sulphur. Therefore,

half a cup of Sulphur will last in excess of 150 hours.

One Hotbox Sulfume will cover an area of up to 100m².

The Sulphur will melt and at 119oc it will begin to evaporate.

The Hotbox Sulfume increases its output of vapour as the

temperature increases.

The Hotbox Sulfume is designed to operate at between 119oc

and 159oc at which it will produce maximum volumes of

‘safe’ Sulphur.

No oxides will be released into the atmosphere and the pure


the Hotbox Suflume for up to 12 hours per night

(close all vents) until the infestation has been cured.

If you are using the Hotbox Sulfume for preventitive

measures, we recommend usage for 4 - 6 hours per night,

2 or 3 times per week.

This temperature regulation is automatic and will remain so

even if there are major voltage fluctuations.

Effective and safe vapourisation of Sulphur is a complex subject.

It is most important to vapourise Sulphur at the correct temperature.


Sulphur is totally harmless to man or plant, although the hotbox sulfume will release an egg like smell which will quickly evaporate once vents and doors have been opened.







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