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Air Pots

The Superoots Air-Pot is a recyclable, reusable plastic container that actively enhances the quality of the root systems of plants.
The Air-Pot allows your plants to develop a remarkable radial root system that simply can not be matched in any other growing container. Whether you chose soil or hydro, Air-Pot's will push the boundaries of your growing experience.


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 Air Pot 35ltr
 Air Pot  3ltr
 Air Pot  1ltr
 Air Pot  6ltr
 Air Pot  10ltr
 Air Pot 15ltr
 Air Pot  20ltr
 Air Pot 30ltr

Garland Trays

These trays are high quality and tough.The ideal solution for catching run off water when hand watering pots.

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 Garland Square 
 Garland jumbo 
 Garland Giant 
 Garland Titan 
 Garland 1m Square 
 Garland 1.2m Square  

Rectangle Pot 16Ltr

16Ltr Rectangle Pot

Made From Durable Plastic

Dimensions 10.5'' wide by 12.5'' long by 10'' high


 Rectangle Pot  16Ltr

Round 11Ltr Pot

Round 11Ltr Pot

Made From Durable Plastic

Dimensions 10.5'' wide by 10'' tall


 Round Pot  11Ltr

Square Pot 11Ltr

Square Pot 11Ltr

Made From Durable Plastic.

Dimensions 9.5'' wide by 11'' tall


 Square Pot  11ltr

Square Pot 5 Inch

5 Inch Square Pot.

Made From Durable Plastic

Dimensions 5'' wide by 5.5'' tall


 Square Pot  5 Inch

Square Pot 6.5ltr

Square 6.5ltr pot


 Square Pot  6.5ltr




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