Rhino Twin Fan Contoller RC-1


Inductive Power 2x300Watt


Let Rhino do the work! The RC-1 thermostatically controlled, dual fan controller enables growers to create the ultimate two fan air exchange system. The Rhino RC-1 Fan Controller will control two duct fans.

Intake and extraction fans will run at maximum speed to quickly establish the desired temperature, once reached the fans will drop to a minimum idle speed ensuring the room is adequately ventilated and preventing air leaks.

By using a fan controller you can ensure the very best environment, which will help give you your best results. One of the defining factors in successful growing is environment. The Rhino RC-1 reliably and accurately maintains air exchange and airflow in a room enabling your customers to get the most from their plants.

The improved Temperature Fan Controller with Under pressure Control RC-1 now makes controlling the temperature in your grow room easier.

It controls fans without the massive variations in speed. The improved unit will run smoother, increasing in velocity in 20 second increments, taking warm air out of the room more consistently rather than through significant variations upwards or downwards as per previous models.