Systemair RVK Fans


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The RVK fan series is designed to last. The casing is manufactured from PA6 fibreglass reinforced plastic which gives the fan a
low leakage casing.The fans have backward-curved blades and external rotor motors. The FK mounting clamp facilitates easy installation and removal,
and prevents the transfer of vibration to the duct. Duct connected grow room applications of the fan
are possible due to a close to air tight casing and the IP 44 rated terminal box. RVK Inline Fans are Available with two different air movement capabilities.

100 mm A1 175m3/hr

125 mm A1 225m3/hr

125 mm L1 350m3/hr

150 mm A1 460m3/hr

150 mm L1 600m3/hr

200 mm A1 750m3/hr

200 mm L1 950m3/hr

250 mm A1 760m3/hr

250 mm L1 1020m3/hr

315 mm A1 1300m3/hr

315 mm L1 1700m3/hr



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Available Sizes

100 mm A1 175m3/hr, 125 mm A1 225m3/hr, 125 mm L1 350m3/hr, 150 mm A1 460m3/hr, 150 mm L1 600m3/hr, 200 mm A1 750m3/hr, 200 mm L1 950m3/hr, 250 mm A1 760m3/hr, 250 mm L1 1020m3/hr, 315 mm A1 1300m3/hr, 315 mm L1 1700m3/hr