Contains Chitin

Safe, non toxic nutrient additive used to keep growing media and root system free of unwanted visitors.




Tanlin from CXpress is an effective treatment for fungus gnat fly and scarid fly that can infest water tanks. It contains micro crystals that the larvae eats while swimming around. The crystals perforate their digestive tracts, killing them. It does not kill adult insects, but by breaking the reproductive cycle, you are preventing more adults developing. It is a highly effective treatment but is also great as a preventative too.

Tanlin is very easy to use, just add the necessary dose to the tank, depending on the media you are using. Always follow the manufacturers instructions as it is a high concentrate liquid! It is odour free and also environmentally friendly unlike some pest control products. Tanlin contains no toxic insecticides that may be harmful to plants and animals and is suitable for use in both vegetative and blooming stages.

Shake well before use. As a preventative, add to regular feed once a week at 1ml (40 drops) per 100ltrs. For more intensive use, treat every three days using the following methods:

Mix 1 drop per 2lts of water and thoroughly drench growing medium.

Add to nutrient reservoir at 1ml (40 drops) per 100ltrs. If medium is not completely saturated by your watering system, saturate by hand watering.

Even saturation increases effectiveness. Do not use hydrogen peroxide at any time during treatment. Exceeding stated dose is not harmful to plants.


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