Reflective Sheeting


MegaLux MegaShield - Zero Thermal Radiation

A black and silver Zero Thermal Radiation, reflective polypropylene sheet. It's infused with metals that give it special properties that are highly reflective, completely light tight and stop infrared heat from being emitted - bouncing back into the room.

Sold off the roll in 1.2 meter widths and in any length.

Sold by the meter. 

Also available by roll 100 meters.

Ideal if you want to keep full control of your growing environment.

In tests a 600w bulb was placed 6" away from the sheeting. A thermal imager was aimed at the MegaLux MegaShield Material and no heat trace was seen, proving its 100% ability to control heat radiation emissions.

Bounce light back into your growroom with market leading hard wearing PET coated films which are especially designed for horticulture.

Why choose Mega-Lux?
* Made from high quality 100% lightproof polypropylene.
* Carries the 'LIGHTFAST' mark.
* Tried & tested for years in the photographic industry for the production of photo paper packaging.
* PET coated to prevent against corrosion and wear.
* Roll - 1.2m x 100m


 MegaShield 1 Meter
 MegaShield  100 Meter




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