Power Plant Sun Mate Grow Reflector

Specifically designed to work with (CFL) compact fluorescent lamps.

Brings together all the benefits of a closed dual parabolic design with the energy saving qualities of compact fluorescent lighting. Supplied with 4m power lead and plug. Features on/off switch.

Unique and innovative in the sense that it was one of the first reflectors specifically created for use with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s), the Sun Mate Grow CFL Reflector successfully combines a closed-end design and parabolic inner reflector to ensure your plants get the maximum benefit from the light distributed. Aside from the highly reflective interior, other notable features include a robust On/Off switch conveniently located on the unit for ease of operation and handy hanging supports for attaching your light hangers or chain to. This reflector has proven to be particularly useful in propagation and vegetative growth stages, where CFL’s are a popular choice for many growers due to the low costs associated with buying, running and replacing them. Likewise, the Sun Mate Grow CFL Reflector offers outstanding value – you’ll find it almost impossible to identify a suitable alternative for around the same price which measures up in terms of build quality and performance. Dimensions are 32cm x 52cm x 18cm


 Sun Mate Grow Reflector  




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