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Hydrogarden Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is a blend of inert nutritional salts and natural bacteria derived enzymes.


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 Guardian Angel  1ltr

Hydrogarden Neem Repel

Neem Repel represents the first Neem based repellant that passes all current agricultural legislation and is safe to use on consumable crops. By creating a barrier around your plant, it is an effective preventative measure against most grow room pests and diseases including spider mites.

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 Neem Repel 250ml

Hydrogarden Nite Nite Spidermite

Nite Nite SpiderMite is a new foliar pest control spray that is aimed specifically at red spider mite. It works by conditioning the leaves of your plants to make them a very inhospitable environment for red spider mites to live in thus preventing a growth in the population whilst also treating the pest outbreak.

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 Nite Nite Spidermite 250ml

Hydrogarden Oxy Plus

Boosts Oxygen content in hydroponics.

Use Oxy-Plus and get higher yields! Oxy-Plus increases the amount of available oxygen in the root zone leading to increased nutrient uptake for more vigorous plants with thicker stems, bushier leaves and shorter internodes.

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 Oxy Plus  1ltr
 Oxy Plus  5ltr

Hydrogarden Pest Off

Pest Off is a non-toxic insect killer derived from a natural organic plant extract. Effective against many common grow room pests including spider mites, Pest Off works as a contact spray quickly suffocating any insects living on your plants. Since it is a contact spray, you must ensure that each plant gets completely soaked during application and are advised to repeat this process over the course of a few days to guarantee no pests escape or return.

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 Pest Off  250ml

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