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Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood

Like many hydroponic growers, you’ve probably noticed it takes quite a long while for your hydroponics season to finish so you can finally harvest your crops.
You might even catch yourself gazing at your plants, wishing that you could will them to grow faster and mature earlier.
And you’ve wondered how you can reduce production costs while also reducing the amount of time it takes to get from start to finish for each crop cycle.


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 Bud Blood  300g
 Bud Blood 500g

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy

Bud Candy Feed Sugars, Aminos and vitamins to your plants and taste their sweeter bigger buds. If I asked you what really makes you happy about your hydroponics gardening, you'd tell me you love growing huge amounts of potent, sweet-tasting flowers.


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 Bud Candy 1ltr

Advanced Nutrients Hammerhead PK9/18

Hammerhead is a very powerful booster that delivers a specific 9/18 ratio of phosphorous and potassium to stimulate and sustain an impressively potent flowering response.

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 Hammerhead PK9/18 1ltr




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