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Hailea 100w Water Heater

The submersible Hailea are fully thermostatically controlled and are idel for the heating of nutrients in tanks.

100w glass heater = 100L tank capacity.

200w glass heater = 200L tank capacity.


 100w Water Heater Hailea
 200w Water Heater Hailea

Hailea Air Pump

ACO-2202 Hailea Air Pump

The pump possess advanced air-compressing systems, damping system and multi-level muffler and has extremely low noise.

Special artificial rubber to keep steady air output & pressure.

The structure is strong and compact, has a long service life and aquier very low power consumption


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 Air Pump  1.6L/min

Hailea Nutrient Chiller

Nutrient Chiller HC-100A is designed to keep the nutrient in your tank at an optimal temperature, ensuring healthy growth and yield for your plants.

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 Nutrient Chiller HC-100a




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