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Lumatek Dimmable Digital Ballast

The Lumatek Dimmable Ballast is ideal if you want to achieve excellent plant results, especially in summer. This is because it features a dimmer switch which allows you to reduce the ballast from a 600W to 400W power pack if heat becomes a problem.

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 Dimmable Digital Ballast 400w
 Dimmable Digital Ballast 600w

Lumatek Lumatek Digital Ballast

The Lumatek electronic ballast produces up to 30% more lumens than a standard core and coil magnetic ballast whilst drawing less electricity. Lumatek Ballasts come with a lumen boost button that increases lumens by up to 27%. Lumatek electronic ballasts feature a full 3 year exchange warranty.



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 250watt  Digital Lumatek
 400watt Digital Lumatek
 600watt Digital Lumatek




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