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Power Plant Sun Mate Grow Reflector

Specifically designed to work with (CFL) compact fluorescent lamps.

Brings together all the benefits of a closed dual parabolic design with the energy saving qualities of compact fluorescent lighting. Supplied with 4m power lead and plug. Features on/off switch.

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 Sun Mate Grow Reflector  

Power Plant Sunmate Reflector Light Kit

Complete Lighting Unit Contains:

Sunmate CFL Reflector, CFL bulb.

CFL bulbs come in two sizes 125w and 250w, they also come in two colour spectrums red (flowering) and blue (vegative)


 Sunmate Reflector Light Kit Blue Bulb 125w
 Sunmate Reflector Light Kit Red Bulb 125w
 Sunmate Reflector Light Kit Blue Bulb 250w
 Sunmate Reflector Light Kit Red Bulb 250w




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