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Ventilation 45 Degree Bend

45 Degree bend Assists with air flow.



 100mm 45 Degree Bend
 125mm 45 Degree Bend
 150mm 45 Degree Bend
 200mm 45 Degree Bend
 250mm 45 Degree Bend
 315mm 45 Degree Bend

Ventilation Acoustic Box Fan

Hydroponics systems require a steady flow of air to carry away heat, moisture and waste gases. Our fans are very quiet and mounted in MDF acoustic boxes and are among the quietest that you can buy.


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 Fan 1450 Acoustic
 Fan 1500 Acoustic
 Fan 2500 Acoustic
 Fan 3250 Acoustic
 Fan 4250 Acoustic

Ventilation Ducting

An extremely flexible reinforced aluminium foil flexible ducting. Multi-ply aluminium and polyester laminate construction supported by a high tensile steel wire helix. Fire resistant.

Sold by the meter.

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 100mm Duct
 125mm Duct
 150mm Duct
 200mm  Duct
 250mm Duct
 315mm Duct

Ventilation Equal T Pieces

Equal T Pieces are used to split runs of ducting.


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 Equal T Piece 100mm
 Equal T Piece 125mm
 Equal T Piece 150mm
 Equal T Piece 200mm
 Equal T Piece 250mm
 Equal T Piece 315mm

Ventilation Equal Y Pieces

"Y" pieces ensure an even flow when you need to use one fan to draw evenly from two areas.


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 100mm Equal  Y Piece
 125mm Equal Y Piece
 150mm Equal Y Piece
 200mm Equal  Y Piece
 250mm Equal Y Piece

Ventilation Flange Piece

Flange Pieces are used at the end of your ducting run to securely attach to an outside wall.



 Flange Piece 100mm
 Flange Piece  125mm
 Flange Piece 150mm
 Flange Piece 200mm
 Flange Piece 250mm
 Flange Piece  315mm

Ventilation In Line Filter Box

The In line filter box attaches to your in take ducting and filters out pests,pollen and dust this will help cut down pest invasions.

The filter box can also be used between your carbon filter and air cooled lights to help keep your lights clean from carbon dust.


 100mm  Inline Filter Box
 125mm Inline Filter Box
 150mm Inline Filter Box
 200mm Inline Filter Box

Ventilation In Line Odor Sok Box

This filter box is used with an odorsok between your carbon filter and air cooled lights to help keep your lights clean from carbon dust.

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 125mm Inline Odor Sok Box
 150mm Inline Odor Sok Box
 250mm Inline Odor Sok Box

Ventilation Insulated Acoustic Ducting

Acoustic foil duct is perforated along its entire length with micro perforations to enhance acoustic performance. Using insulated ducting keeps the noise from air movement down and also helps to keep your grow room cooler when used with air cooled lights.

Sold by the meter


 100mm Insulated Ducting
 125mm Insulated Ducting
 150mm Insulated Ducting
 200mm Insulated Ducting
 250mm Insulated Ducting

Ventilation Reducer Piece

Reducers are useful for fitting fans,filters & silencers to other various sized pieces of equipment, for example you would be able to connect an 6 inch ducting to a 10 inch fan or the other way around,It is also usefull if you have a large powerful fan but wish to make a smaller hole in the wall of your building. A reducer will help you do this.

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 125mm to 100mm Reducer
 150mm to 100mm Reducer
 150mm to 125mm Reducer
 200mm to 100mm Reducer
 200mm to 125mm  Reducer
 200mm to 150mm Reducer
 250mm to 150mm Reducer
 250mm to 200mm Reducer
 250mm to 125mm Reducer
 315mm to 200mm Reducer
 315mm to 250mm Reducer
 315mm to 150mm  Reducer

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