Lumatek Lumatek Digital Ballast

The Lumatek electronic ballast produces up to 30% more lumens than a standard core and coil magnetic ballast whilst drawing less electricity. Lumatek Ballasts come with a lumen boost button that increases lumens by up to 27%. Lumatek electronic ballasts feature a full 3 year exchange warranty.



The Lumatek ballast is completely silent (no more buzzing) and produces less heat than a standard ballast Because of lumatek's soft start technology the lamps last up to three times as long. Test data has shown that a Lumatek 400 watt ballast produces within 5% of the usable light of a 600watt core and coil ballast! Digital ballasts also do not degrade like standard ballasts do. Over time magnetic ballasts become louder, produce less light, emit more heat and use more electricity.

Electronic ballasts maintain their efficiency throughout their life span.

More and more hydroponic gardeners a making the switch to electronic ballasts from magnetic ballasts and this is why:
Faster start-up they reach full brightness in under one minute, magnetic ballasts typically take about twenty minutes.
Completely silent no more buzzing noise.
Small compact design a 400watt Lumatek ballast weighs less than 3.5 kilos. They also produce less heat. Cut-off circuitry with an automatic cut off when a short is detected. For ultimate safety.
Longer bulb life Lumen output loss over time is dramatically less than with magnetic ballasts.
Fully interchangeable Lumatek ballasts can light both HPS and MH bulbs
More lumen output 20%-30% more lumens output means more light equals more yield.


 250watt  Digital Lumatek
 400watt Digital Lumatek
 600watt Digital Lumatek




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