Century Century Ballast

Century Ballast CE Certified, wall mountable, vented for cool operation, timed ignitor,venture lighting control gear, plug and play IEC socket with 2 year guarantee available in 3 options.


Century is the newest and SAFEST core and coil ballast. This latest product brings together cutting edge technology and market leading performance. Which makes it one one of the best HID ballast enclosure on the market.The specially designed Century ballast enclosure offer several features that make it both reliable and very safe. The durable 'white' powder coated enclosure helps dissipate heat from the unit and together with the  louvered design helps cool the ballast, providing years of trouble free hydroponic gardening. The Century ballast range comes in 3 different models, which can all run metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps: 250w, 400w, and 600w.




 250watt Century
 400watt Century
 600watt Century




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