The RVK range of fans made in Germany are quiet and powerful. They are also ideal for connecting to our range of carbon filters.



If you are not sure what size extractor fan to use, it's easy to work out. Simply calculate the volume of the growing environment to the nearest cubic metre. This is done by multiplying:

Length x Width x Height = Volume of your room in cubic metres (m³) and then multiply the answer by 20.

Ideally, air needs to be replaced every three minutes (or twenty times an hour). Therefore, just multiply the volume of your growroom by 20. For example, a room of 3 metres x 4 metres x 2.5 metres high = 30m³ and 30m³ x 20 changes per hour = 600m³ per hour. Once this has been calculated, you can select the correct fan.

These extraction fans are second to none. They are industrial low wattage, high output fans that are designed for the job in hand. These fans can be run 24 hours, 7 days, 356 days a year without any hassle or problems. In fact, this is what they have been designed for. Don't buy cheap and end up buying twice.  

100mm 175m3/hr

125mm 225m3/hr

150mm 420m3/hr

200mm 750m3/hr

250mm 760m3/hr

315mm 1300m3/hr


 100mm RVK
 125mm RVK
 150mm RVK
 200mm RVK
 250mm RVK
 315mm RVK




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