Ventilation Reducer Piece

Reducers are useful for fitting fans,filters & silencers to other various sized pieces of equipment, for example you would be able to connect an 6 inch ducting to a 10 inch fan or the other way around,It is also usefull if you have a large powerful fan but wish to make a smaller hole in the wall of your building. A reducer will help you do this.



 125mm to 100mm Reducer
 150mm to 100mm Reducer
 150mm to 125mm Reducer
 200mm to 100mm Reducer
 200mm to 125mm  Reducer
 200mm to 150mm Reducer
 250mm to 150mm Reducer
 250mm to 200mm Reducer
 250mm to 125mm Reducer
 315mm to 200mm Reducer
 315mm to 250mm Reducer
 315mm to 150mm  Reducer




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