Plagron Green Sensation

Green Sensation is a powerful, natural crop-booster. Proper use of Green Sensation will result in a higher yield, higher sugar production, harder cell structure and increased general resistance to disease.

It also enables the plant to recover more quickly from stress for example, after re-potting. The results are sensational and easy to achieve even for starters.
Dilute 1 ml with 1 litre of water (1:1000). Add this dilution together with the basic food, every time you water. Start 4 weeks before the harvest. Green Sensation can be used on all substrates (soil, coconut, rock wool, mapito, NFT).

Short flowering from the fourth week.
Medium flowering from the fifth week.
Long flowering from the sixth week.
First dilute Green Sensation with lukewarm water, than add to the nutrient container.


 Green Sensation  250ml
 Green Sensation  500ml
 Green Sensation 1ltr




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