Mountain Air Mountain Breeze Ozone Generator

Mountain Breeze ozone generator is designed with the average small to medium growing area in mind.  

The output is enough to deal with up to a maximum of 4 x 600w HID lighting units (150m3) and has a settable output control level from 10% to 100% (100% 80mg/hr). The unit is wall mountable and compact and comes with a standard one-year guarantee.

What does an Ozone Generator do?

Ozone creates a positive charge in the air that attracts and neutralizes the smell that may be created by your room. Unlike a carbon filter that requires the air to pass over it; an ozone generator will stop any smell that the charged air meets. Place the generator on a timer in your room or put the unit in-side the out-let for the air hose.


The unit is compact and visually attractive
The use of ultra pure materials in the generator head makes it replacement and maintenance free.
The Mountain Breeze is the ultimate device for removing grow room odour and for killing airborne pathogens.


 Mountain Breeze  Ozone Generator




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