Garland Trays

These trays are high quality and tough.The ideal solution for catching run off water when hand watering pots.

Deep groves on the base of the garland trays prevent plants from sitting in water.

Garland Jumbo 117cmx40cmx4cm fits twelve 6.5ltr square pots, four 11ltr square pots or four 18ltr pots.

Garland Square 60cmx60cmx7cm fits nine 6.5ltr square pots, four 11ltr square pots or four 18ltr pots.

Garland Giant 110cmx55cmx4cm fits nine 6.5ltr square pots, eight 11ltr square pots or five 18ltr pots.

Garland Titan 100cmx55cmx15cm fits eight 6.5ltr square pots, six 11ltr square pots or three 18ltr pots.

Garland 1m Square 100cmx100cmx12cm fits twenty four 6.5ltr square pots, nine 11ltr pots or nine 18ltr pots. Ideal for the 1mtr square Grow Tent.

Garland 1.2m Square 120cmx120cmx12cm fits thirty six 6.5ltr square pots, sixteen 11ltr pots or sixteen 18ltr pots.Ideal for the 1.2 mtr squae grow tent


 Garland Square 
 Garland jumbo 
 Garland Giant 
 Garland Titan 
 Garland 1m Square 
 Garland 1.2m Square  




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