Lumatek Dimmable Digital Ballast

The Lumatek Dimmable Ballast is ideal if you want to achieve excellent plant results, especially in summer. This is because it features a dimmer switch which allows you to reduce the ballast from a 600W to 400W power pack if heat becomes a problem.

The Lumatek Dimmable not only increases light output for improved yield, it also helps to cut electricity bills - Includes a five-year guarantee, as well as a host of other beneficial features…

New Dimmer Switch - This switch allows you to turn your light output down or boost light output as needed .Other dimmable power packs only have an option to select a lower setting based on the percentage of running power. These are typically 100%, 75% and 50%. The Lumatek dimmable power pack has optimised each dimmable setting to suit the correct lamp, which maintains optimum lumen output.

Energy Efficient -Compared to magnetic ballasts, the Lumatek Power pack produces more lumens of light for each watt of electricity used - which can only promote yield and help cut your energy bills! It can also be turn down to a lower wattage setting during plant establishment in vegetative growth, saving you electricity and improving your environment.

Reduced Heat - : When using a Lumatek Dimmable Multi-Wattage power pack, you can simply switch the power pack to a lower setting during warmer months making a more productive grow room environment in summer.

Internal Radio Frequency (RF) Shield - The Lumatek Power pack causes negligible interference to radio frequency (RF), no more than any other household item, such as a cordless drill charger.

Soft Start Mechanism - The Lumatek Power pack does not require a lot of power to start up, yet it only takes one minute to get your bulb up to full strength..

Stable High Frequency Light Output - A magnetic power pack goes on and off (frequency) at 50 times per second (50Hz). This ‘flickering’ effect can be seen with a digital camera. The Lumatek goes on and off 40,000 times per second (40KHZ), which is far closer to the frequency of sunlight (around 100KHZ). This high frequency also excites the gases in the lamp more efficiently.

Cooler and Silent-running - Tests prove that the Lumatek Power pack runs cooler than traditional magnetic ballasts. It is also silent running.


 Dimmable Digital Ballast 400w
 Dimmable Digital Ballast 600w




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